It is important to include security features not only to protect your home or business, but also to protect the property boundaries around your home or business. Here at Sentinel Security Solutions, we offer a number of security devices that can alert you when a potential perpetrator arrives on your property but before they reach the home or business. Having that extra time can be critically important to stop theft, property damage, and keep your loved ones safe. Here are some examples of features you can include in your security plan for property perimeter protection. 

  1. Need flexibility? Use our Flex IO™  sensor to protect areas on your property that are out of range of the home or business security alarm. These sensors utilize a built-in cellular communicator so they can be out of range of your main panel. This is great for gates, sheds, equipment (tractors), RVs, etc. 
  2. Need early perimeter detection? Use our Wireless Perimeter Beams to create a security boundary line along the property or fence. When the two beams are set up to cover areas up to 350 feet apart, a boundary line is created that can be used for your preference—whether you want awareness alerts or dispatch action. These beams must be connected to your main panel and within range. Our sales consultants perform a custom security design plan to determine how we can help incorporate these into your security plan.
  3. Need alerts from your camera system? With AI analytics, your camera system can be programmed to detect and alert you to specific events. These can include when vehicles, animals, and/or people enter your property. By setting up a boundary line within the camera view, you can receive alerts once that boundary is crossed. These can be helpful for property theft, animals encroaching on agriculture, unexpected vehicles, etc.

Investing in these solutions can give you peace of mind knowing that you have done everything you can to keep your property safe and secure. Remember, criminals, are always looking for easy targets. Don’t make your property an easy target by neglecting additional security measures.

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