Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

If a fire breaks out in your building, you need to know that your fire alarm system is working properly so that everyone can get out safely. A good professionally installed fire alarm system can also ensure that help arrives as quickly as possible to minimize property damage. We make sure to stay on top of all local codes and have an experienced staff to engineer the design, draft plans and submit to the local authorities having jurisdiction so you get the proper fire alarm permit that is required. Make sure your Central Coast business is prepared with the best in commercial fire alarm technology from Sentinel Security Solutions.

At Sentinel Security Solutions, our custom designed fire alarm systems are created by a team of qualified experts for rapid alert to fire, smoke, and gas leaks. We carefully design all systems to meet current city requirements and follow or exceed all required codes to protect the safety of your building’s occupants.

We utilize dedicated 4G LTE communications to transmit all signals to our UL Approved Central Station. That means when the alarm triggers you can count on our dispatch center to receive the signal right away and dispatch the proper authorities.

Once your system is installed we continue to provide excellent customer service and maintenance on your system with regular required tests and inspections by our team of professional technicians.

Fire Alarm System Benefits

  • Immediate Connection to our UL Listed Central Station – Our fire alarm systems automatically contact our central station operators who will dispatch your local fire department as soon as they detect signs of a fire to make sure that help is on the way as you are evacuating the building.
    • Prevent Property Damage at Your Business – Rapid alert to the presence of smoke and fire allows fire suppression efforts to begin as soon as possible, so that fire damage is kept to a minimum.

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