Comprehensive Solutions

Residential Smart Home

Simply Smarter and More Secure

If you’re looking for a security system that is easy to use and features the latest interactive technology, you’ve come to the right place. Our professional-grade security systems can be controlled from a wall mounted touchscreen keypad or a simple app on your smartphone. They also provide an ultra-secure dedicated cellular connection with wifi backup options available to transmit signals to our 24/7 Central Monitoring Station for quick response by police, fire, medical, and for panic situations.

Completely Customizable

We’ll customize the system to your home’s unique configuration and your unique needs so that everything works together 24/7. Because has a dedicated cellular dual path connection, the system communicates even if the phone line or cable line is cut, power is out or the internet or broadband is down.

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Commercial Smart Business Solutions

Now you can combine intelligent intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control and energy management into a single, cost-effective solution with seamless automation and complete control.

Smarter Business Security

Did someone go into the inventory room after hours? Was the alarm turned on tonight? Was that a false alarm or a real one? With real-time notifications, remote control and auto-arming, you’ll not only know what’s happening at your business, you can make sure it’s secure no matter where you are.

Saves Energy and Money

But that’s just the beginning. It’s a waste of energy and money to heat or cool your business when no one is there. A smart thermostat helps you save automatically, even if someone forgets to turn off the AC or furnace at closing time.

Knowledge is Power

You can also get a clear picture of activity trends to make smarter decisions around staffing, promotions, energy use and more. provides easy to understand reports so that you can quickly see activity patterns across your business and spot unexpected changes.

  • Monitor open and close trends for each location
  • Identify peak periods of activity and customer traffic
  • Uncover activity such as unexpected entry after hours
  • Keep a history timestamp of which users disarmed the system
  • Pinpoint when doors are propped open and wasting energy

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Large Commercial & Builder Contractor Projects

At Sentinel Security Solutions we have extensive experience working with large commercial businesses and builder contractor projects.

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    Customer Reviews

    James Gannage Avatar
    James Gannage
    Sentinel Security Solutions is hands the down the premiere Security company here on the central coast. They're staff are knowledgeable, reliable and always respond quickly. I count on them to take care of all of my Security needs.
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    O P. Avatar
    O P.
    5 star rating
    We recently had Sentinel Security Solutions install a complex security system. We are repeat customers for a number of reasons but their technology platform and customer service are second to none! I also have used them for Audio/Video equipment purchase and installation, their work is extremely clean. They sent out Mike and Joe who were extremely knowledgeable and able to answer any questions we had. I highly recommend you call them if you are looking for a security or A/V solution.
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    Kim K. Avatar
    Kim K.
    5 star rating
    We have had Sentinel Security Alarms for 6 years now and we are very happy with there service. Justin & his team are very professional, polite & prompt. Thank You for your service.
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