Cutting Edge Security Equipment

Our Products:

We strive to be on the forefront of technology in the Security and Alarm Industry. We offer a full range of professional grade security products that integrate with Smartphone apps and web interface, making security no longer about peace of mind but about keeping you Connected and Secure. Using cutting edge technology our customers are able to manage their home or business at their fingertips while on the go.

high definition security camera systems

High Definition Camera Systems

We offer only high quality, high definition security camera systems with resolutions starting at 1080P. With a HD high resolution camera you will be able to clearly see facial features, etc.

security alarm systems

Security Alarm Systems

All of our security alarm systems are easy to use while providing the latest in technology. 

home automation security

Home Automation

Home automation is the key to keeping you connected and secure! Complete your home or business by integrating our home automation equipment into your security system. With this advanced technology, we can tie in home automation devices that enable you to control your lights, locks, thermostat, and garage door from a Smartphone or Computer. Through your online portal you can set up rules to create a more energy efficient and well managed home. For instance, you can create a rule that if you arm your system away after dusk the lights will turn off, your thermostat will adjust, and your front door will lock automatically.

fire alarm systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Our custom designed fire alarm systems are created by a team of qualified experts. We carefully design all systems to meet current city requirements and follow all required codes. We utilize dual path communication to our UL Approved Central Station by using broadband and telephone connections. Once installed we provide excellent customer service and maintenance on your system with regular required tests and inspections by our team of professional technicians.

access control systems

Access Control

We can custom design an access control system to meet your specific needs. We work on all types of buildings from small to large applications. An access control system can keep your property secure from unwanted entry. Knowing when and who enters your building at all times will help you manage your business and limit your losses.

audio installations


We offer a full range of audio equipment. From business application to full home theater rooms Sentinel has a solution for you! As an Authorized Sonos Dealer we can custom design a wireless HiFi speaker system for streaming music. We also wire and install high grade quality speakers and audio distribution equipment creating a custom system designed for you.

medic and wellness sytems

Medic / Wellness

Let us protect your loved ones by utilizing one of our medic and wellness systems. By integrating wellness devices into you security alarm you can live independently but not alone. Help is always close by with a press of a button. Also, abnormal activities can be detected and notifications sent to create awareness of potential harms.